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NFL Star Dhani Jones Tries A World Series ‘Dhani Tackles The Globe’

Former New York Giants star Dhani Jones spent the off-season training in an unusual way.

Several unusual ways, in fact. He did some dragon boat racing in Singapore, a little rugby in England and some hard-core muay thai boxing in Thailand.

Jones tried all those things for his new Travel Channel show, “Dhani Tackles the Globe,” launching Monday at 9. The show has Jones, now a Cincinnati Bengal, combining his love of sports with a love of travel.

His athletic adventure takes him around the world to join in individual and group competitions and immerse himself in local cultures.

“Both my parents were in the military, so we traveled all the time,” Jones told the Daily News. “For every birthday, I’ve always told my mom that I prefer a round-trip ticket to anywhere in the world rather than a traditional present.”

Among many forms of recreation, Jones tried hurling in Ireland, schwingen (a type of wrestling) in Switzerland, jai alai in Spain, sailing in New Zealand and a surf lifeguard competition in Australia.

“We spent a day at the beach and I got hit in the face with a surfboard,” said Jones of his adventures Down Under. “I had a busted lip the rest of the trip.”

He also swears he saw a shark in the water.

Jones said he was able to take something away from every new sport he tried and apply it to his gridiron game.

For instance, dragon boat racing was all about teamwork, not to mention providing the back and shoulders workout.

“Even if it was something small, every experience made me more and more passionate about football,” he said. “They made me a better athlete and allowed me to be a better player.”

In addition to the physical activity, Jones relished learning and sharing with different cultures. He recalled that in Cambodia, a group of kids kept calling him “Mr. Obama.”

“There are some places where the people haven’t seen many people of color or people with hair like mine, so they want to touch it,” said Jones.

“Part of ‘Dhani Tackles the Globe’ is my experience of the different nuances of different countries and people, and hopefully, it can make an amazing experience for the next person.

“I hope viewers can take the things that I’ve learned and translate them into an even more all-encompassing travel experience.”